The great Iroquois (Tuscarora) Elder, Ted Williams, left us with these words: 

“As you know, as we all inherently know, we are all just part of the Great Cycle of All Things ... we are all part of one great family, not only within the Element called People, but intimate kin to all the Elements of this Divine and Harmonious Universe.  So tremendous, so magical is this Divine and Harmonious Universe, that the greatest of scholars, physicists, philosophers, astronomers have not been able to calculate the immensity and complexity of this Great Mystery; but our Faithkeepers tell us that ‘GRATITUDE is the beginning of Knowledge and Understanding’.”

And so, with full hearts we dedicate The Honeybee Project to one of the members of our divine and harmonious family, the beautiful and sacred honeybee.  We are deeply grateful for your immense intelligence and diligence, ever contributing to the greater good of this world and leaving us, as Ted says, with “a great good feeling”. And to you, every child everywhere in this wide world, we also dedicate this project to you.  We love you.

Debra Roberts
Heloise Jones
Tracey Schmidt


Photos copyright © Tracey Schmidt 2007