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Our children’s music video Honeybee Fly Around Song is ready! Teenaged musician, beekeeper, and storyteller extraordinaire, Todd Elliott, plays fiddle, sings, works with bees, and dances on beehives in this action-packed, educational DVD.
Watch this catchy, fun video now!


Order a DVD and help support The Honeybee Project:
$20 (includes shipping and handling).
Please make checks out to The Honeybee Project and mail to:
The Honeybee Project
Attention: Debra Roberts
65 Ballard Branch Road
Weaverville, NC


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The Honeybee Project will produce the following children’s educational materials for kindergarten through sixth grade, with an emphasis on third to fifth grades.  Our goals are to educate, raise awareness and demystify the quiet but mighty honeybee for children while helping them form a connection to the natural world.  Woven into this intention are mythologies and legends of Elders from a variety of multi-cultural traditions. 

All educational materials will be available nationally to schools, libraries, natural history and children’s museums, 4H clubs, agricultural extension offices, bee clubs and associations, zoos, PBS and other educational television stations, and any children’s educational entity that can benefit from them.

A portion of the proceeds from The Honeybee Project will also go to organizations that support the sustainability of the honeybee.

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cornfieldNOW AVAILABLE!! Honeybee Fly Around Song, our children’s music video! Teenaged musician, beekeeper, and storyteller extraordinaire, Todd Elliott, plays fiddle, sings, works with bees, and dances on beehives in this action-packed, educational DVD. Todd, his parents, and Irish singer and composer Danny Ellis collaborated to adapt the lyrics of two traditional songs to educate children about the honeybee. This production was filmed primarily at the Elliott family’s homestead in North Carolina.

inthecornWhat’s the Buzz?  An upbeat educational children’s DVD styled after the highly popular DVDs produced for places like the Great Smoky Mountains National Park “Parks in the Classroom” program.  This successful kids-teaching-kids production imparts all the basic honeybee and pollination-related information in a fun format, including a catchy, upbeat musical component.  Elders’ honeybee tales from a variety of multi-cultural traditions will also be in the weave.  The Honeybee Project is working with a team of award-winning teachers to ensure that all materials meet national curriculum standards.

What’s the Buzz? Teachers’ Resource Guides Cross-curricula teachers’ companion classroom guides, with accompanying materials, designed for a variety of age-specific groups.

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"The way bees work together is a lesson for us all.
They produce food, care for the young, recycle waste and create an effective, efficient community.  They pollinate fruits, flowers and vegetables in the process - a benefit for us all."

-Heifer International

(828) 712-0880

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A highly interactive and dynamic traveling honeybee museum exhibit is being conceived by The Honeybee Project and The North Carolina Arboretum. This exhibit will tour around the world for eight to ten years once fully funded, designed, and constructed. It will be developed by state-of-the-art museum design professionals together with a team of teachers, scientists, beekeepers, engineers, multi-media professionals, artists, and others. Its first showing will be at The NC Arboretum.

This 3,500 square foot museum exhibit will be designed to fulfill an underserved population of small and medium sized museums.  Most science museum exhibits are large 5000+ square foot displays that not only require a large venue, but also command a significant rental fee, which eliminates the majority of education and museum halls.  Julie Vidotto, Curator of Education at The NC Arboretum, reports that mid-sized museums have been asking for good science and educational museum exhibits for years. 
The Honeybee Project fulfills that niche.

We are currently seeking one, two or three underwriters for this exhibit, which offers extensive and ongoing international exposure for the length of this eight to ten year museum tour. 

For further information about being an underwriter, please contact The Honeybee Project at (828) 712-0880 or


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