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Few people are aware of the vast importance of the honeybee to our everyday lives. While most think of honey, it is estimated that thirty-three percent of everything that reaches the American table owes a debt to the honeybee.  Over 90 fruits and vegetables including apples, melons, nut crops, cherries, berries, avocados plus alfalfa and clover seed for cattle feed are dependent upon honeybee pollination.   The economic importance in North Carolina alone is $80 million and the national economic impact closer to $15 billion.


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Our children’s music video,
Honeybee Fly Around Song is ready!

Teenaged musician, beekeeper, and storyteller extraordinaire, Todd Elliott, plays fiddle, sings, works with bees, and dances on beehives in this action-packed, educational DVD.

Order a DVD and help support The Honeybee Project:
$20 (includes shipping and handling).
Please make checks out to The Honeybee Project and mail to:
The Honeybee Project
Attention: Debra Roberts
65 Ballard Branch Road
Weaverville, NC 28787


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The Honeybee Crisis

Honeybees are in a crisis.  During the past twenty years, populations have declined worldwide with U.S. populations declining by approximately fifty percent. Imported and pesticide-resistant pests, shrinking habitat, and diseases have devastated the honeybee despite the best efforts of beekeepers.  Farmers that have traditionally relied on both wild and domestic honeybees to pollinate orchards and fields are now dependent on the managed hives of beekeepers to successfully pollinate their crops.

And now the threat to the species has been compounded with the mysterious and devastating worldwide phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD. The U.S. and Great Britain have formed official government study groups as a response to the emergency.  No one to date has discovered what is causing CCD.

One way or another, the plight of the honeybee hits us both in our everyday lives and in our pocketbooks.  The need for education on the honeybee and pollination is immediate.


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